Vocal Lessons

voice-lessonsSing your heart out.

Karen was recently named one of Denver’s top voice teachers by expertise.com

Karen not only holds a Bachelor’s in vocal music education, but she has done master classes with several of the best coaches in Denver, Nashville and New York.  She studied how to sing correctly and how to teach others to do the same for one simple reason.  You get one voice!  The voice must be used correctly to be able to use it for a lifetime.

Karen believes proper technique can be learned singing any style, therefore, students are allowed to sing whatever they like.  She does require that the lyrics are clean and that songs are appropriate for the student’s age.  Learn to sing classical with a classical voice, broadway with a broadway voice, and all the various popular styles with their proper voicings.

Students are given the opportunity to perform in recitals twice a year for their peers, family and friends.  Students are encouraged to help pick their songs and arrangements for these performances.  Karen says: “over the years we have had some pretty creative and unique performances.  Love it!”